Unity Consciousness, Wholeness and Heart-Based Living for the Highest Good 
for individuals, families, organizations, communities, and the world

Unity Consciousness is the expression of our oneness as we live it on earth. Unity Consciousness begins in the heart, and is supported by the mind. The awareness of our oneness, love, and true essential self lies within the heart. While the mind can create structures and support behaviors that facilitate united interactions, it doesn’t fully perceive the unity of the natural state of our true selves. The mind is therefore easily influenced by the ego and its beliefs and fears that foster separation. Bringing the mind into alignment with the heart is a necessary foundation for the implementation of unity consciousness, where the uniqueness of each person’s essence and gifts is honored and encouraged in support of the highest good of all. This level of consciousness is facilitated through honest, transparent, and respectful personal interactions, in the spirit of justice, kindness, and love.

Bridges of Unity is an organization that teaches and models unity consciousness and heart-based living through our interactions, talks, workshops, group facilitation, publications, and blog posts. These offerings can be tailored to fit many needs.

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