An Epiphany for 2017

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I love epiphanies – those moments in life when my perspective on something changes to bring more love and understanding into my life. This morning I had an epiphany. I woke up from a disturbing dream that stayed with me for hours. Anxiety and sadness prompted me to ask why I had that dream, in which the role I played, and the outcome for humanity, was different from that of my normal dreams. (Usually I help facilitate a positive outcome from some kind of pain, suffering, or incarceration. The dreams are not very fun, but there is usually a happy ending for all involved. This time the circumstances were beyond my capacity to help.) The answer to the question of “why this dream” was my epiphany: “It makes no difference what you do, as long as it is done in love.”

My tendency in life has been to set goals, plan, and carry them out. I have been doing less of that these days, but I still find myself frequently wondering, “What is it that I am supposed to do? What is the next step for me? What is my higher calling?” Those kinds of questions can drive you crazy. They definitely make my mind busy, even though they come from wanting to do “what is right” for me.

This morning, following my epiphany, I find myself in a very different place from that. It is a place of feeling, not thinking. It isn’t even a place of analyzing my feelings, nor was there anything that “I” did to get there. By Grace, I am simply feeling love in my heart. I am being shown that, as long as I am coming from love, it doesn’t matter what I do. It is the love that counts. Love is what remains from life. Love is what lasts. (This is of course Biblical.)

Love is the expression of who we are. It doesn’t come from having mind-created goals, expectations, or obligations, although we can express our love through them. We know we aren’t expressing our love when we feel anger, resentment, or put out by what we do or by what others are not doing. I could have the loftiest goal for the earth or humanity, but if I pursue that goal holding anger towards others who behave or think differently, it is not the truest nor fullest expression of my love.

Love is in the moment. Every moment that I feel love, I am expressing myself and expanding my love. It doesn’t matter if I am cleaning toilets, picking up dog poop, or creating some miracle cure. If I do it in love, I am making my highest contribution to creation in that moment. We are not our doing. We are the love with which we are created and which flows through us, no matter what we do. If we don’t feel love flowing through us, then maybe it is time to change our perspective, do something different, or simply be and do nothing.

The first three Tools of Change (Surrender, Release, and Alchemy) assist us in letting go of our fears of the future, our emotional baggage of the past, and our beliefs that prevent the love that we are from shining through each moment. I wrote about those in the last months of 2016, which was a year of release for many. It certainly was for me. As we continue to dissolve that veil of fear around our hearts and minds, we are rediscovering, more and more, the love that has been there all along. The love that we are. The love from whence we came.

The next four Tools of Change assist us in rediscovering and living from our love. Maybe I will write more about them in the coming weeks. I will, if my love calls it forth, like it did today. But if not, they may be found in the free pdf on the website, or in the book, “4 Essential Steps of Big-Hearted Change for Our New World Rising”, published in 2016.

My intention for 2017 is to be in the love of my heart with each moment and breath, no matter what I am doing or what is going on in the world around me. This is not a new concept for me, nor is it probably earth shattering for you. But somehow, today, it went from my head to the center of my heart. And that feels good. Really good.



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