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4 Essential Steps of
Big-Hearted Change

by Marcia West
(Formerly Marcia Phillips)

Copyright 2016
$15.95 paperback 56 pages
$5.99 e-book



4 Essential Steps of Big-Hearted Change For Our New World Rising is a guidebook for change that serves the highest good of all involved. The process and tools are appropriate for individuals, families, organizations, communities, countries, and the world at large. A new approach to change is offered that originates in the heart. It works because it comes from love and a consciousness far above that of the mind alone.

This is an inspired work – a gift to humanity – that is designed to take us into our new world rising. The love and guidance within its pages gently moves us out of old fear-based mindsets and crumbling systems of control. The result is an upward movement into a love-based life that brings a heavenly reality to earth.

It begins with you, the individual, helping you to remember who you are and why you are here. You are shown how to use the problems, changes, and decisions of life to support your growth, bring forth your truest self, and live from your heart. As each of us does this, we create a life that manifests our highest potential. We also join heart to heart with others who are doing the same.

The outcome is true change for humanity that propels us into a higher state of living – one of peace, harmony, and the unity consciousness necessary to co-create sustainable systems which support the highest good. Logic is a wonderful thing. But logic is not a workable foundation for change that truly makes a difference. We are moving into the unknown. Logic will not take us there. In fact, the mind cannot lead us in this endeavor. It doesn’t know the way. We must allow our hearts to guide us. 4 Essential Steps of Big-Hearted Change shows you how.

“When searching for authentic joy, all guideposts to the soul are precious. This is one such guidepost.”– Sonia Choquette, Ph.D., author of The Psychic Pathway Recommendation for Seven Portals To Your Soul

Seven Portals To Your Soul:

An Accessible Guide for Mending Your Life

By Marcia A. Phillips Copyright 2004
Published by Bridges of Unity
$14.95 paperback 286 pages. ISBN 0-9759030-0-4

Our lives, bodies, circumstances, and relationships present us with clues that can be used to become aware of the state of the inner self.  In what ways might we feel inadequate, alone, unsupported, or unworthy? How might we be holding ourselves back? Where are we not as functional as we could be?

In this book, Marcia guides you through each of the seven energy centers of the body (called chakras), to peer into your inner landscape and bring you into greater awareness of, and unity with, yourself, others, and your higher power. You will learn how to keep these portals to your soul open so that love may flow through them for greater health, awareness, vitality, and functionality of your mind, body, and spirit. Life becomes more meaningful and functional. Relationships improve. The heaviness of the past diminishes. Guidance becomes clearer.

This book gives you information, tools, and exercises to:

  • Be more joyfully present to yourself
  • Move out of the drama while reaping its meaning
  • Let go by forgiving yourself and others
  • Be in unity and love
  • Make choices that support you
  • Reclaim your life

Seven Portals To Your Soul Workbook

By Marcia A. Phillips • Copyright 2005, Publ. by Bridges of Unity,
$19.95 Comb Bound 116 pages

Personalize your study of Seven Portals to Your Soul. This easy-to-use study-guide takes you into the realm of your inner self for deep personal reflection and insight. Maximize your healing process as you journey through your chakras and unblock them one by one. The questions and exercises are cross-referenced with the book for a seamless experience.