The Ten Powers of Love

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The Ten Powers of Love are ten rights inherent to us as children of God, the Source of All Love. These God-given rights empower us, through love, to live from our originally created state of love. This is how we put our love into motion. In other words, the Ten Powers of Love is a template for manifesting the love that we are on earth.

Living life in the Ten Powers of Love fulfills ...

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The Purpose of the Tools of Change

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A recent reader of this blog wrote to me and asked the following question regarding the Tools of Change found at the top of the blog:

“Do the tools work on things other than physical?  What about money issues, healing those and relationship issues?”

Thank you, dear reader, for this question. The primary purpose of the Tools of Change is to help us navigate through the changes that our soul is calling us to make in life. Most of these changes are ...

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Healing Your Heart

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Heal your Heart, Yourself, your Chakras, and your Life with the Tools of Change.

Do you sometimes feel lonely, fractured, scattered, stressed, obsessed, unloved, worried, regretful, resentful, fearful, guilty, shameful, limited, or not good enough? Would you like to feel calmer, more fulfilled, peaceful, whole, limitless, completely loved, full of joy, and delightfully good about yourself, your relationships, and your life? Do you wish you could fill the emptiness and heal the pain that surrounds your heart; stop the ...

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