Easter Came Early!

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Easter Sunrise

We are five weeks into Lent. Easter is right around the corner. For Christians, this is a celebration of freedom and change – resurrection and new life. Many give up something for Lent to sacrificially participate in Christ’s suffering. Easter feels like a resurrection when what we gave up is again enjoyed, whether it be candy, alcohol, ice cream, movies, or something else. I didn’t give anything up for Lent this year. In fact, it has been a number of years since I’ve done that. But I remember the feeling of freedom and joy as a child, when I could eat candy again on Easter!

It occurred to me last Friday that there is ONE THING that I could still give up (even at this late point in Lent) that would induce a feeling of resurrection every day of my life – one thing that would lift me up, take me into a more heavenly existence, and result in far greater enjoyment of life.

What is this ONE THING? It is the giving up of my past. It is the letting go of each moment that has been lived, to enjoy the moment at hand. Each moment is a new life, a new beginning, a resurrection of sorts from what has been. What are the burdens we release when we give up the past? We release the heaviness of what we deem to be mistakes – decisions and behaviors we would do differently now. We let go of traditions that are no longer with us like they used to be – nostalgia of days gone by and the people with whom we shared them. We let go of the lists of wrongs we think others have done and the hurt feelings and anger stuck in those lists.

Our minds and emotions get all tangled up when we hang on to the past or try to make sense of what has been – when we try to justify, rectify, resolve or fix it by reliving it in our minds. Christ said to simply forgive it. He showed us the way to a resurrected life. He turned suffering into joy. There is still a week and a half left of Lent. Beginning last Friday, I decided to let go of the past, moment by moment. I had a glorious weekend. My Easter arrived early! I am feeling the lightness and freedom of a life resurrected in the glorious now.

May you too experience the love, joy, freedom and peace of the Resurrection this Easter, in whatever way is meaningful for you!


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