How to Live the Lives We are Meant to Live

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Cherry Blossoms

Here we are in the midst of Spring. New growth is blossoming everywhere! This is a great time to do the same for ourselves. During the winter, what is old and no longer useful dies off. The first three Tools of Big-Hearted Change, that I wrote about over the winter, help us to prune that which no longer serves our future growth. These are things like worry, fear, regret, wounds from the past, emotional baggage, old ways of doing things, and beliefs and agendas that limit our potential.

As the old is pruned away, room is created for a renewed and even more beautiful life to unfold. This is accomplished through change. If we resist change, we become like the old, dead rose canes of last year, which bloomed perfectly well then, but catch our clothes and prick Rose Canesour fingers now. They have served their purpose, and we are grateful for that. But now they prevent the rose from fully growing, and annoyingly trap us when we get too close.

Of course, pruning is an on-going thing, as we dead-head the roses and shape the bush. If you have ever grown roses, you already know that every bush is different, so the shaping of it takes some loving attention. The next four Tools of Change are about the continuous process of reshaping ourselves and our lives so that the unique rose that we are can blossom fully in all its God-given glory. In other words, tools four through seven are about living the lives we are meant to live, as we are created to be.

The first of these tools continuously points us in the direction of our highest potential, purpose and personal fulfillment. It is called the Tool of Alignment because it helps us to live according to the truth of our uniqueness. This fourth Tool of Big-Hearted Change aligns our circumstances, activities, and relationships with the Love, or essence, of who we are. When making a decision, considering a move, looking for a job, or seeking a partner, this is the place to start. In fact, this portal of love will ensure that anything we do in life will serve our highest good, if we set the intention that the process and outcome align with the truth of who we are. And if it serves our highest good, it will inevitably serve the higher good of all others involved, even if at first it might not look that way.

Spring RoseThis fourth portal of Truth takes the guesswork and stress out of decision making. Life unfolds like the buds on a rose bush – naturally – as long as we don’t try to force it. We don’t pull on the petals of a rose to make them open more quickly. So patience is the key here. Timing and synchronicity are of the essence when using these tools. Our minds become impatient. They have their agendas, which may call for some pruning when they become prickly thorns that get in the way. Let us allow the Universe to use all its resources. We don’t want to limit it by telling it what to do, or how. When we put our trust in Love, we can enjoy the lovely unfurling of life as we are meant and called to live it – with wonder, adventure, growth, love, and beauty – all the glorious signs of spring in action. Here’s wishing you a very happy and wondrous spring, with all my love!

The Seven Tools of Big-Hearted Change may be found as a free pdf at They are discussed in detail in the book, “4 Essential Steps of Big-Hearted Change” by Marcia West, published in 2016. To sign up for our blog posts, please visit the website.


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