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Humanity has been on an evolutionary path, step by step making the transition out of our minds and into our hearts. The path is different for each person, with different beliefs, life experiences, and time frames. For some, it feels like they have reached the end of the road. These are the ones I am writing to today. If you have not had this experience, then what I have to say may make little sense. You are still on your evolutionary path, which is perfectly fine. Perhaps there is someone you know who could benefit from this.This is for people who have felt or experienced some or all of the following:

• Loss of interest and enthusiasm about what your future might hold
• Lack of energy for mundane activities and even for life in general
• Inability to “see” ahead, set goals, or stay on a particular track or task
• Thinking that your life must be about over
• Disinterest in small talk
• A whole range of emotions that can change quickly: anger, sadness, depression, overwhelm
• Need for more rest, yet sleep often elusive or disrupted
• Odd and unexplained body aches and maladies, sometimes feeling like flu / fever / heat / chills
• Digestive problems leading to dietary changes
• Inability to focus or loss of time
• Changing relationships because people don’t understand you or you no longer resonate with them
• Difficulty finding the right words for what you truly think and feel
• Traditional ideas of what makes for a happy, successful life hold little appeal
• You’ve hit a wall and can’t seem to get past it
• Loved ones worried that you might be depressed or won’t make it in life

Indeed, many of these are the symptoms of depression, and may require the assistance of a professional. They are also, however, signs that you might be ready to live life differently from what we have known. I call it the difference between the present earth and the new earth. Maybe there are even times when you feel like you are in both places at once – living your normal life physically on the present earth, but energetically in the new one.

The present earth, or what some call the old earth, is still serving a great purpose for the evolution of humanity. Through our fears and suffering, we heal our wounds, enhance our awareness, and grow in faith, love and compassion. Through our striving, we develop patience and commitment and develop our gifts. This process is vital and valuable.

Normally when a soul has completed their path on earth, the body dies. The ego dissolves, along with its false identities and beliefs that have served to structure their physical life. Only love remains. Many of us have been on an evolutionary path to be the Love That We Are in physical form, in unity with others. The process and tools in my books, “Seven Portals To Your Soul” and “Big Hearted Change” were written to assist people in their evolution.

Those books are means to an end, and helpful, like so many other countless paths. But what happens when there is no longer a path? When you have come to the end of the road? When you can’t seem to figure out what’s next? When you feel like you have a bigger purpose yet to fulfill, but you can’t see what it is, and life feels complete, yet at the same time unfinished (quite a paradox)? If this is how you’ve been feeling, and you want to assist humanity and remain on earth, then what I am about to share with you might help.

What you might be looking for is the “New Earth”. It is a world based on love. I hesitate to describe it, because descriptions and labels take us back into our minds and out of our hearts. And it is your heart that must lead the way here. Physically, you will be where you are now. Life may not look much different for you or those who know you. Energetically, you will be creating a nest for others. To those in the present world, it might look like you aren’t doing very much. But in the new world, you are doing plenty.

One of the differences in how things are done is, in the new earth, your love and the love that moves through you, determine what you create. Love comes first, then a structure is created to manifest it. In the present world, we try to adapt ourselves to a structure that has already been created. But that structure was most likely based on fear, and no longer serves humanity. That is why so many of our structures and social systems are crumbling.

A portal or wormhole opened to the new earth last week. Like I said, it doesn’t look like we physically move anywhere, but it does make a positive difference in our lives and in the lives of those around us. As you enter the portal, you might feel the circular movement of energy, an energy surge, or nothing at all. If your heart tells you that you are to enter this portal, then please meditate on the following. I call them Graces of the Avatar. An avatar is an embodiment of Divine Love. Synchronistically, the lunar eclipse on Monday, August 7, 2017, is said to be an opening of the vortex called “Gates of an Avatar”.Lunar and solar eclipses are said to be energetic resets. So the timing is good. There is no striving or anything you have to do. Simply agree that this is your desire for your life. Rest assured that the guardians of the new earth will allow access only to those who are ready to live in a world of love.

Graces of the Avatar
1. Physical Acceptance – In the new earth, we live in the present moment. As you allow yourself to be present to what is, no matter what it looks like or what the news tells you is happening, without projecting into the future, you will experience more peace.

2. Emotional Stillness – This is NOT the same as emotional denial. You still feel your emotions, but they don’t control your actions. Allow the emotions you feel to move through you without attaching a thought or reason to them. Sadness and anger are emotions that arise as we break away from the old. Depression is a sign of moving deeply inward. Overwhelm occurs when we try to do too much or make too many plans when we are already so busy in our new unseen world. Eventually the emotions begin to calm down as we let go, allow, and go with the flow.

3. Mental Silence – This is not a time to try to figure things out. Our minds have no idea of what lies ahead because they haven’t experienced it yet. Your mind will continue to support your everyday activities and body, as usual. Practice keeping it focused on the present moment, and not in events of the past or projections of the future. Feel free to question your beliefs, as they may be based on fear. Ask yourself if they are controlling you in some way. They may be of little or no use in the new world.

4. Intrinsic Trust – This is a leap of faith. It feels like there is no foothold. You are crossing the void between a world of separation and fear and a world of oneness and love. Release every fear, RELAX, and trust Love to carry you through. Whereas we are releasing beliefs held by the mind, we are increasing in true faith of the heart. Place your trust in the Goodness of the Divine, not in the thoughts and beliefs of man.

5. Compassionate Presence – Be present to yourself and others without judgment. Hold the space of love and kindness. There is no fixing and nothing to be fixed. Be in acceptance of the various paths that people are taking on our present earth. Be compassionate with and present to yourself too. It begins there.

We welcome you into this unseen world where Love is the basis of everything. As always, continue to ask for Divine assistance, which gives the beings of love permission to guide, assist, and protect you in love for the highest good. Reflect on these five graces frequently. You might want to commit them to memory. a pdf of the Five Graces of the Avatar is available to print out at bridgesofunity.com/downloads.


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