That Easter Morning Feeling

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I LOVE the feeling of Easter Morning – so full of excitement, anticipation, hope, and life. I suppose some of that comes from my childhood. The first thing we did as young children on Easter morning was hunt for our Easter baskets. We knew which one was ours because there was always an egg with our name on it, written in crayon. Somehow it made me feel special to know that the Easter Bunny knew my name, spelled it correctly, and took the time to write it on one of a handful of beautifully colored eggs in my basket. He knew which candy I liked best too!

Everything is new and exciting on Easter morning. The birds are singing. The spring flowers are coming alive. There may be new clothes to wear. And the church is filled with whtie lillies, smiling faces, and the resounding sounds of bells and hymns of joy.

Those are some of the things that make Easter morning special. Yet it is so much more than that. The Easter morning feeling for me has to do with my rememberance of a Love so deep and full that it knows my name and all that is dear to me. This is the pure Love from which each of us came. It is the love that we are, as we were created to be. This is the Love from which our lives spring forth in exhuberant joy. It cannot be known by words or description. It must be felt, immersed in, merged with. This Love is not the ornate decoration on the shell of an Easter Egg, no matter how much it portrays the perfect rules of life’s decorum. It is the yolk itself – the very heart of the egg that is both the promise and the fulfillment of life.

There can be no real separation from this Love. We only think we are separate, as we focus on the shell we have decorated instead of the heart that is real.  It is the resurrected Christ Love – a Love so complete as to hold each one of us within it. This Love embraces a knowing within my heart, beyond the shell, of the truth of who I am.

That Easter Morning Feeling happens for me everytime I allow myself to move through the fancy shell of separation to reunite with the Love that created me, shines through me and, in the process, allows me to feel the love that I truly am as I live it on earth.

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