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Maybe you’ve been wondering where your joy went – that exuberance you had as a child, when life seemed more magical and everything was new. AND, you actually had the energy to ENJOY it! Remember those years when you weren’t worrying about responsibilities or overwhelmed by all the mundane tasks of life? Do you recall, as a child, wanting to grow up so you could be your own boss? And then once you did, realizing how good you had it back then when your parents took care of everything? Does that sound familiar? Then read on, because something changed for me last week that I’m here to share with you.

It feels like I’ve finally found the secret to living as an adult with the joy, energy, and enthusiasm of a child. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post entitled:  Portal to the New Earth. I followed my own suggestion from that post and reflected on the five Graces of the Avatar, during the Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017. During that meditation, I actually saw myself suspended in the wormhole between the Old Earth and the New One.

Nothing really changed for me until the following day. I was taking a shower. I don’t know about you, but for some reason, alot of movement happens for me in the bathroom, in more ways than one! (The whole outline for my first book, for example, came to me in 2000 while brushing my teeth!) Anyway, while in the shower on August 8, 2017, joy flooded my whole being. It felt so good to be alive, to feel the water coursing down my body, to see the texture of the shower curtain, and appreciate that I even knew how to take a shower!

The next day, I had more energy than I have had in years. And I completely stopped worrying about the things I had to do or thought I should do. I simply let myself enjoy the whole day – and it was mostly spent trimming scrub trees out of our hedge! (Things are getting done. I’m just not thinking so much.)

The really wonderful thing is, it has now been over a week, and the joy, energy, playfulness, and enthusiasm are still there! So what happened inside the wormhole? From what I can tell, that vortex spun out the remaining beliefs about life, from the old earth, that bogged me down. It took me back to my childlike state of unencumbered freedom and joy. So when I came out the other side of the wormhole the day after the lunar eclipse, my whole perspective on life had changed. I could tell you more about what is going on, and it is wonderful, but we’ll keep it short today.

The solar eclipse coming up on Monday, August 21, 2017, is another opportunity for an energetic reset. If you think of your body as the hardware, this reset is like an upgrade in your operating system. And believe me, mine is operating much more efficiently now! I have retained the files I need. Life looks pretty much the same. But my approach is so much more fun! And ohhhh, the LOVE!

If you feel ready for it, may I suggest that, beginning now and during the eclipse, you hold the five Graces of the Avatar in your heart to let the Universe know that you want in and would like to live this way. (I have them posted on my bathroom mirror – where else?) You can print them out from our website. Explanations of them are on the last post: Portal to the New Earth. Don’t be surprised if old beliefs surface to be released…especially if they are in any way based on fear or control. After all, we weren’t born with those, as someone famous once said. Very simply, the Five Graces of the Avatar are:

Physical Acceptance
Emotional Stillness
Mental Silence
Intrinsic Trust
Compassionate Presence

Hope to meet you on the other side. It is a magical place to be!


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