The Purpose of the Tools of Change

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A recent reader of this blog wrote to me and asked the following question regarding the Tools of Change found at the top of the blog:

“Do the tools work on things other than physical?  What about money issues, healing those and relationship issues?”

Thank you, dear reader, for this question. The primary purpose of the Tools of Change is to help us navigate through the changes that our soul is calling us to make in life. Most of these changes are internal. Some of them are external. In other words, if you are having relationship or money issues – or any issue, for that matter – its purpose is to uncover something that is hiding your true essential self and to bring greater awareness of who you really are. This is the purpose of change.

My experience of this process has been that once I have opened myself up to this awareness, I am able to let go of whatever was causing the symptoms, and move on with my life. This is addressed in detail in my book, “Seven Portals To Your Soul: An Accessible Guide for Mending Your Life”, which can be purchased through That book has helped many people learn how to become more aware of the inner issues that cause disturbances in their lives, and release them.

In 2012, I was given the Tools of Change as a very elegant, simple, and graceful way of doing the same thing. Sometimes the tools will do the healing without the mind even becoming involved. Sometimes they will bring greater awareness of what the inner issue is, resulting in “ah-ha” moments and a conscious decision to let go and balance. It all depends upon whether it is an issue that is central to the role you are playing here, or one that you are releasing along with the rest of humanity at this time.

Relationship issues are interesting. Frequently relationships mirror to us what is out of balance within ourselves. Have I given my power away? Do I feel less than or better than others? Is how another is treating me what I really, unconsciously feel about myself? When we bring this back into balance, which can be done through the tools of change, and which is discussed in detail in “Seven Portals”, one of two things happens. 1) The role that the other person has played can then change, and the relationship improves, or 2) The purpose of the relationship is complete for you, and it is time to move on.

While portals one, two, and three are normally used to release the issue and bring you into greater balance, portals four through seven help you to become aware of the changes to be made, if any. It is always helpful to put a decision into portal four, the portal of truth (all in the tools of change). The answer will unfold with greater ease and grace. It might not be what you expect, but it will be for your highest good.

Many of our issues related to money have their roots in fear and survival. Portal number one the perfect place to start for this. It helps us to release worries and fears that are keeping us out of the present moment. As Job did in the old testament, it is best to surrender to what is and trust in the divine love of God, or the Universe. Of course, our minds tend to want to tell God how to take care of us, creating all kinds of expectations. This really doesn’t teach us anything. I have found it helpful to be grateful for what I have (portal two) and ask God to provide. It may be through a friend, parent, or the kindness of a perfect stranger. We don’t have to own things to be or feel abundant. We just need to be grateful.

The lesson with money issues may be to develop trust, or to end some self-sabotaging behavior. Sometimes we don’t think we deserve to receive. The tools of change are great for these. Hold the paper and ask that whatever is up for you be drawn into the appropriate portals. Or go through them one by one. Spending five minutes each morning, and five minutes before bedtime with the portals, can make a big difference in your life.

Always remember, though…We have these life issues NOT because we are bad or imperfect, but because we have somehow covered up who we really are. They are helping us to reclaim our love and expand it into the world. Be patient with the process. Don’t judge it, yourself, or your situation. Work with it. Ask for divine help. And allow yourself the freedom and time to take what is before  you and use it for your greater good.



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