The Uncertainty of Change

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This is the second in a series of posts on Big-Hearted Change. The election is over and change is in the air. Emotions here and abroad are running the gamut from excitement to fear, jubilation to sadness. We really don’t know what to expect. And that’s OK. Why? Because true change is not about knowing what lies ahead of us. It is more about responding to what no longer serves us, and wanting to make it different.

We can learn from our past, but that’s not where we will find most of our answers. There is great uncertainty in that statement. And that’s OK too. In fact, allowing for uncertainty makes more room for true change that can actually make a positive difference. I am referring to big-hearted change that is based on love, not fear. Our hearts don’t mind uncertainty. They go with the flow, knowing that synchronicity is best achieved out of a state of not knowing, not demanding, not having an agenda that is set in stone. Those things tend to be reactions of a mind that is afraid of uncertainty – a mind that needs to be in control to feel safe. A mind bent on worry.

I’d like to offer an antidote to worry – something that can ease your mind, calm your emotions, and ensure that you are safe, even when life feels uncertain, even when it looks like your world might be crumbling around you. The antidote is Grace. Grace is an attribute of the heart, because Grace is an aspect of Divine Love. When we align our will and intentions with that of Love, we access the power and ease of Grace.

Grace has our back. Grace wants what is best for us. Grace provides. Grace unifies. Grace calms the emotions of an uncertain and fearful mind. Grace says, “It will be alright. You can trust me. I have your back, more than you could ever know.” Grace sees to it that the changes we make will be in our greatest interest and will be accomplished through, in and of love. Allowing Grace to do this for us is surrendering to Divine Love, synchronous flow, and the highest good for all involved. Surrender is the first Tool of Big-Hearted Change*. Grace is its essence.


We may not have the immediate answers, but we have the assurance that, through Love and Grace, solutions will come when the timing is right, for the highest good of all involved. Do you have worries, fears, anxiety, for yourself personally or for our nation? Let Grace handle them. Place them into this golden globe of the light and love of Grace and then go do something fun! Grace has our back. Let’s trust that, and together move forward in Grace.

*Grace and the other six Tools of Big-Hearted Change are addressed in the FREE Tools of Change pdf at and in the book, “Big-Hearted Change” by Marcia West.


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