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What is Unity Consciousness?

Unity consciousness is having the awareness of our oneness while in the experience of our uniqueness. We are not really separate from anything. Every bit of the Universe comes from the same Source of Love. Yet each of us is a different expression of that love. Knowing that we are each equal and unique creations with equally unique purposes empowers us to interact for the greater good of the whole, which is harmony.

What is Harmony?

Harmony is the active, organic result of living in unity consciousness. It is the fluid interaction of the pieces of the whole that is based on Truth, Trust, Flexibility, Self-Empowerment, and Mutuality. We are in the process of coming into harmony with ourselves to create a life that aligns with who we really are. Simultaneously, we are coming together in harmony with those in our families, organizations, and communities. Harmony extends to our relationship with the earth, and from there to the Universe.

Gateways and Bridges of Unity Consciousness and Harmony

The following are templates and processes that lead us through powerful gateways to higher levels of consciousness. These gateways are entry points into evermore expanding unity and harmony with 1) Yourself 2) Family / Organization 3) the World and 4) the Universe.

1. Gateway to the Inner Self: Template for Bridging Your Body/Life and Soul

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When we live in separation consciousness, we view the spiritual and the physical as separate. They are not. The physical is a living and active manifestation of the love that permeates and comprises all of existence. Our bodies are of the same love as our souls. Although this is true, there can be very little conscious awareness or understanding of it. When there is separation between the body and soul, the functions of each is minimized. The body becomes diseased and ages. Life becomes more challenging for the soul to live its purpose.

Our Seven Major Chakras  (energy centers) are the harmonious connections that supply the body with love to keep manifesting who we are. When the chakras shut down, we die. Keeping these portals open so that love may flow unobstructed is essential to our health and well-being. Each chakra also has a particular function that helps our bodies and lives to align with who we are (our true self). When the chakras are dysfunctional, so is our life. A template for restoring the functionality of the chakras, the vibrancy of the body, and moving into a life of greater harmony within and without, is provided in the book, “Seven Portals To Your Soul: An Accessible Guide for Mending Your Life” by Marcia A. Phillips (West). You may download an Introduction to the Chakras on the Downloads page. For classes on the chakras, please visit the Events page.


2. Gateway to Change: Template for Bridging Your Rising Consciousness with Your Outer Life

This template uses the Tools of Change (Divine Love) to help us to undergo change with ease and grace to align our lives with who we really are. You may download these “Tools of Change” FREE by clicking here. Read about them in the blog article entitled “The Purpose of the Tools of Change”. Stay tuned for the upcoming book on the Tools of Change by Marcia (Phillips) West. It will guide you through internal and external change to align your Being with your Doing. You may sign up to be on our mailing list for notification of its publication in 2015.

3. Gateway to Living from Your True Self: Template for Bridging Your Mind and Heart

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Have you ever felt like your mind and heart were working against each other? While our minds are proficient at running our bodies and servicing our activities, they were never meant to run our lives. That is the job of the heart. The heart is the source of the “still small voice” of love and wisdom that desires our highest good. It is sometimes hard to hear. That is because, in most people, the heart is surrounded by a field of separation (some call it the human ego): false identities created to fit in, defensive mechanisms that protect the false identities, worries, fears, limiting beliefs, regrets, and guilt that the mind likes to chew on. This field of separation holds us back and prevents us from being who we really are.

Each of us has a physical heart and a divine, or sacred, heart. The layout and fuctions of the physical heart provide a template for accessing the sacred heart (the Divine within each of us). This is the bridge that clears the field of separation so that our sacred hearts may inform our minds and bodies. It is essential that we live from our sacred heart in order to enter into true unity and harmony with ourselves and others.

3. Gateway to Unity on Earth – Template for Bridging with Others in Harmony

Harmony is an active and interactive engagement of individuals that serve the greater good of all concerned. While peace is experienced in stillness, harmony is experienced in movement. Bridging with others in harmony is a template for living and working together to support the highest good of all. This is the gateway that brings our families, organizations, communities, and the world into harmony.

Harmony begins when the purposes of the individuals involved are aligned with the core purpose of the group (the central axis of the Diamond of Harmony). The Diamond of Harmony then begins to hum like a gyroscope when the group’s members interact in Trust, Flexibility, Self Empowerment, and Mutuality,  each member playing a specialized role within the group.

How to arrive at a group’s core purpose, work with the four elements of harmony, and honor the specialized roles of each individual will be discussed in detail in an upcoming book by Marcia West. You may sign up now to be on our confidential mailing list for notification of its publication.

We are going from “This is MY experience” to “This is OUR experience”. It is a place of no secrets and utter transparency, which is key to co-creation in mutuality that serves the highest good.