When Beliefs are No Longer Believable

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Have you ever had the unnerving experience of questioning something you once believed in? Beliefs form the structure of our life. It can feel devastating when they are no longer believable. When I was a child, I believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. I wrote letters to Santa, hunted for my Easter basket, and traded teeth in for coins. Life was predictable and aligned with my beliefs.

Then one day the bottom fell out. A talk with my Mother revealed those beliefs to be a sham. Life was not as magical as I had once thought. I felt betrayed. As difficult as that was, today the experiences that those beliefs gave me are some of my favorite childhood memories. Those beliefs served their purpose.

There have been other times in life when my beliefs suddenly changed and it felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. A piece of the structure that had formed the basis of my life was no longer there. It had served its purpose. Something different was on the horizon.

Beliefs come from many different sources. Some are based in fact; others on conjecture; still others on experience. Much of what we believe comes from what others have told us, or what is written in books or on the internet. No matter where they come from, or how true they are, we use our beliefs to provide a sense of certainty in life. Our minds like certainty. It makes them feel safe. Our hearts run on faith. There is a difference. Beliefs give us fairly defined experiences in life. Faith makes the best of it. Faith trusts in a higher power and Source of Love to support us. Beliefs tell us how to support ourselves. Allowing our beliefs to be flexible actually increases our faith, acceptance, and love.

Beliefs can and do change. Science contributes towards that. I liken beliefs to escalators in a multi-story department store. Each set of beliefs takes us to a different place. The first escalator might take us to the toy department. We romp around for a while and play with the displays. Then Mom says it’s time to go to the next floor. So we hop on another escalator to visit house wares and tools. They become our new play things.

Finally we take a third escalator to find a dress for Christmas, and eventually a fourth escalator to purchase a matching coat. Each floor has something different to offer. We get off the escalator, fully expecting to find what we’re looking for. We take time to shop around and partake of the experience offered by each floor. Yet there are many floors and many experiences, and more lies ahead. That doesn’t make the other escalators and floors we explored wrong. They each served a purpose.

Escalators don’t go straight up like an elevator, either. At each floor, It looks like we’ve arrived at the top. But after we’ve wandered around for awhile, we see that the next one is around the corner. Like beliefs, just when we think we have reached our destination, or have figured life out, something changes that causes us to look further. That’s when confusion sets in and we begin to look for direction and answers.

This is the purpose of the Third Tool of Big-Hearted Change. It helps us to find the next escalator when it feels like the floor has dropped out from under us. When our beliefs don’t feel right anymore, are no longer believable, limit us, separate us from others, or are causing more harm and confusion than harmony and understanding, this Tool of Alchemy offers a new perspective.

Its essence is the Violet Flame, which is the balanced love of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. This Love helps us to mine for the gold in our hearts that turns beliefs into faith and eventually carries us beyond structures created by belief. Like an escalator leading to various floors of consciousness, this Tool of Change helps us to let go of ways of thinking and seeing things, with which we are finished, and prepares us for what lies ahead. It opens new vistas of acceptance within differentiation and peace amidst uncertainty.

Sometimes our beliefs zoom us in for a very close look at things. Our label for this is myopic. Other times we view life from afar, which we think of as visionary. They are simply different perspectives, or elements, of awareness. One is not better than the other. All perspectives contribute to our human experience. So this Thanksgiving, let us rejoice in that. Let us accept that each one’s beliefs set the stage for a particular experience, and that our experiences were never meant to be the same. I am grateful for the diversity of this world, and what each of us brings to it. I am grateful for you and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


*More about how to use Alchemy and the other six Tools of Big-Hearted Change may be found in the FREE Tools of Change pdf at bridgesofunity.com and in the book and ebook, “4 Essential Steps of Big-Hearted Change for Our New World Rising” by Marcia West.


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