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The Co-creators of Bridges of Unity are independent agents who share a common goal of co-creating inspired templates of Unity Consciousness and Harmony, designed in love through Spirit, to bring individuals, families, organizations, communities, nature, the world and beyond, into conscious oneness and harmony.

As experts in the field of unity consciousness, we each have specialized gifts to offer. We can use these as a team, or individually. If you are drawn to the services of a particular individual or would like to be part of his or her team, please contact the individual directly. If you are looking for a more comprehensive unifying experience for your organization, please e-mail our sales department. We are here for you.




Marcia (Phillips) West – Founder of Bridges of Unity
Author of books and articles on Unity Consciousness, Wholeness and Harmony, Marcia co-creates templates that enlighten and empower humanity to live in unity, harmony, and love. A cheerleader of human possibility and potential, Marcia sees the best in people and encourages each one to find the fulfilment of living life from his or her true self. She is available for Inspirational, Informational, and Transformational Talks, Workshops, and Keynotes focused on Building Unity and Harmony in a World of Differentiation, serving the highest good of all. Members of the groups she teaches and facilitates frequently say the space that Marcia creates is the most open and safest they have ever experienced, enabling them to be who they are and speak their truth in love.





Nancy Watkins
Nancy sees the unique love that we are and assists individuals in seeing that in themselves. When we come together in wholeness and unity, we usher in a love-based world that brings our gifts together. Nancy offers one-on-one sessions and classes for greater clarity and insight into one’s true Love essences, which empowers them to bring their Love into Motion with greater clarity and purpose.





John Norman, PhD
Retired from a long career as a research scientist and professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, John is interested in the full experience of wholeness; that is, how we might synchronously experience the external world of space/time, cause/effect and the internal world of being.  His focus is primarily on the bridge between science and spirituality. He is available for dialog and joint learning experiences.





Steve Faivre
Steve has a passion for heart-centered application of technology in agricultural businesses to create sustainable abundance.   He is an engineer with hands-on experience in farming and related agriculture businesses.  Steve is an inspired visionary who seeks to provide creative, innovative solutions to individuals, groups and communities looking for approaches to bringing wholeness and unity to their creative efforts.





Ruth Ora Jackson, ND
Ruth Ora Jackson, ND, a Pisces, living a blessed life on the Rock River with her husband Mark and three magical cats, Tazu , Obi and Ollie.   Ruth is a holistic counselor, Naturapathic Doctor, Ceremonialist and Mystic.  Her spiritual path is Bakti Yoga, the path of the Heart.  Ruth’s contribution to the Bridges of Unity website will be in the area of Spirituality and Health.  However much we strive to live a spiritually centered life, we are challenged by a world full of noise, confusion, pollution, bad food and fear.  Ruth will write and possibly present workshops on how to balance our spiritual, physical and emotional needs in the face of these challenges.





Bonnie Beck
Those in spirit have  messages of love for us. Bonnie has always known that she was meant to help others. She unites souls heart to heart through her God-given gifts, trusting and relying on her spirit guides and angels to help with the communication. Bonnie can bring through information you seek and anyone you wish to contact via spirit, whether still living or deceased. Are we not all looking for guidance of some kind?  Her work is done with absolute love and respect, with the intention of serving the highest and best good of all involved.




Because we are a collaboration of independent agents, Bridges of Unity is in no way held responsible for the use, misuse, or consequences of the information or services provided by any of its independent agents. That being said, they are held in the highest regard and appreciation for their pure hearts of love, dedication, awareness, insights, wisdom, and professionalism in their respective areas of expertise. Our hope is that you will find the assistance and/or network you are seeking.